Simply Intuitive. Discreetly Effective.

Ginger-U was created by women for women to support them on their birth control journey. While the biology of everyone’s body is unique, there are over two hundred birth control pill brands on the market. Do you know all the facts about your pill?

Ginger-U helps you take control of your birth control journey. Now you can learn about your pill and track its impact on your body. At the same time, Ginger-U is an elegant and discreet personal assistant to keep you on top of your pill, sex life, and health.

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What can our app do for you?
Ginger-U will remind you when to take your pill and let you know what to do if you forget a pill (or more), teach you about your medicine, record side effects or symptoms you may be experiencing, and it lets you track and enhance your sex life. Pretty cool, right? Here’s how we do it:


Adherence coaching

Do you take your pill as you should on time, every day? Is your adherence poor, typical, or perfect? See your adherence behavior at a glance and learn how to work toward and maintain perfect adherence. Download your adherence data whenever you need it!

Smart reminders

Personalize your daily reminder, make it discreet, or make it loud! Set your preferred pill time and add a trusted reminder buddy to help you maintain your adherence. Never run out of pills again; use Ginger-U to set a periodic reminder for your refills. Set a reminder to schedule your next doctor visit. If you’re 20 or older, we will send you a monthly reminder to perform a breast self-exam.


Corrective steps

Ok, so you missed a pill? What now? Decrease your risk of pregnancy with safe, corrective actions suggested by the pill’s manufacturer.

Side effects diary

Log and keep track of side effects like mood changes, weight gain, acne, and more to better understand your body signs. Find out if there’s a trend. Review your side effects diary and download it whenever you need it comes in handy at doctor visits too!


Pill library

Information is power! There are a ton of pill brands with different formulas and impacts on the body. With the touch of a button, scroll over them directly on your smartphone. Search the library to compare and contrast your pill with others. Ask your doctor about the alternatives you find to ensure you have the pill that’s best for you.

User’s Forum

Have a question? We’re giving you the platform to ask it. The user’s Forum is where women can go to learn from fellow Ginger-U users. Ask questions; share your insight and experiences. Our forum is a safe space where women can discuss so much more than birth control, find tips, get expert advice, learn new tricks, and maybe even make friends.


Doctor cards

Store your doctors’ contact information in the app, conveniently schedule your appointments, and receive a reminder alert when it’s time to visit. Life organized? Check!

Intimacy diary

Track your sex life to understand and enhance it. Intimacy affects mental and physical health. Learn about yours and be able to look back when needed. An informed woman is an in-charge woman!


What our users say


"Between school and social, my days are hectic! The reminders keep me on track to not miss pills and refills."

--- Phoebe


"I find the checklist for tracking side effects easy to use and essential to know if and how the pill is affecting me."

--- Zhu


"I don't have to remember when to take my pill. The app does it! I love the fact that the app tells me what to do if I miss a pill."

--- Alexis


"Would have never thought about keeping an intimacy diary. It is very useful to be able to look back and learn much more about my sex life."

--- Madison


"I like to compare my pill to those of my friends. My friends call me 'the pill maven' now."

--- Helen


"I make a game of the pill-taken-time tracking by seeing how many days in a row I can hit the same time."

--- Hailey


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How much do you know about your pill? Do you know what to do when you miss a pill?
Why even miss a pill? Ginger-U is the answer to these and more.
Simply Intuitive. Discreetly Effective.
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