Ginger-U is a new product designed to help women use the pill effectively. Easy to use and intuitive, it’s like having your own personal assistant: it reminds you to take your pill, tells you what to do if you forgot to take it, logs your daily diary, symptoms and much more!

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Daily notifications

Personalize your daily reminder, make it discreet, or make it loud! Set your preferred pill time, and add a trusted reminder buddy to help you maintain good adherence. Remember, the goal is to always take your pill at the right time.

Am I adherent?

Track your compliance. Is your adherence perfect? Did you take your pill on time every day? How many times did you miss taking it? See your data analytics at a glance.

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How do I feel today?

Log and track your daily side effects to understand your body signs and symptoms better. Find if there’s a trend. Are your symptoms repetitive? See your side effects up to a one-year span!

Manufacturer’s label for your pill

Important information at hand! Access and scroll over 180 oral contraceptive pill manufacturer labels, directly on your smartphone.

Set perfect adherence as your goal and achieve it with the help of Ginger-U.
It helps you to remember to take your pill, and much more.
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