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Do You Know Your Pill? Trouble Sticking to Your Schedule? Ginger-U Is the App for You

For today’s women, staying on track with your birth control can be quite difficult. Let’s face it, the day moves fast, and taking your pill at the exact same time each and every day just might not be something that is possible for you. For that very reason, Ginger-U is here to serve as your comprehensive birth control app that does more than just remind you of when you should be taking your contraceptive. It’ll help you learn about your pill, give you instructions on what to do when you miss a pill and help you keep better track of your body.
It’s time to get to know your body and pill the right way – and trust us, there’s a lot more to it than you think!

A Comprehensive Birth Control App

Ginger-U is the first birth control app that includes medication adherence (i.e., taking the pill as prescribed) monitoring and contraception education for women all in a single, easy to use app. From finding the right birth control pill, to defining a set schedule that sends you reminders, to asking questions about your body to thousands of women just like you, Ginger-U is here to revolutionize the ways in which women stay in tune with their body when they’re on birth control.

Daily Notifications Sent Right To Your Phone

With Ginger-U, you can get a daily reminder sent right to your phone however you’d like. From loud alarms and alerts, to discrete notifications, you can rest assured knowing that Ginger-U will keep you on track, in compliance, and adherent to your birth control schedule.

Are You Adherent?

When it comes to birth control, taking your pill at the same time each and every day is absolutely critical. Use Ginger-U to track your adherence and your compliance throughout your birth control journey. With just the tap of a screen, you can see real metrics related to how often you’ve taken your pill on time and how often you’ve missed a pill.

Track Your Side Effects

Oftentimes, birth control can create strange side effects that we may not be expecting. You can track and record these side effects with ease through our dedicated side effects portal. From there, you can track trends, find repetitions and patterns, and reach out to our larger community of women for feedback or advice through the app’s forum.

Your Pill Diary

Use your integrated pill diary to keep track of your side effects, in addition to your sexual activity. This feature allows you to become closer to your own body, giving you more insight into how your body responds to your contraceptive.

Discover Your Manufacturer’s Label

With hundreds of contraceptive pills available out there, finding information related to your specific pill shouldn’t have to be a challenge. With Ginger-U, it isn’t! You can browse through our massive database of over 180 contraceptive pill manufacturer labels to find yours. From there, access critical information related to your specific pill right through our platform.

Take Control Over Your Life Today

If you’re ready to take control over your relationship to your pill, then it’s time to download Ginger-U today. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android devices.

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