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Making sense of the lingo for birth control pills

Approximately 65% of women 15 to 49 years old use some form of contraceptive method. Among this group, the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) and female sterilization are the two most used birth control methods. OCP is simply a medicine with […]

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Can I Take Plan B While Taking Birth Control?

If you forgot to take birth your birth control pill and had unprotected sex, what do you do now? You've probably heard of Plan B, the alternative birth control method when other means of birth control fail. But is it safe to take if you're on the […]

Does birth control cause weight gain?

Whether you’re taking ‘the pill’ for the first time, or you're switching brands, most girls have the same question: Can birth control cause weight gain? It’s a side effect that may make some women wary of birth control pills. We get it - you want to maintain […]

What Does Adherence Mean? Why Should I Care?

The oral contraceptive pill (OCP) is one of the most popular forms of contraception, especially among young women. The need to follow the prescription regimen properly (i.e., adherence) is particularly acute for OCP; failure to do so can lead to pregnancy! […]

Never Miss A Pill Again With Ginger-U

Are you taking an OCP? Meet your new best friend. Ginger-U is helping women better navigate through their journeys on “the pill.” Ginger-U is so much more than a friendly reminder that “one a day keeps the baby away.” It’s like the fairy godmother of birth control you never knew you needed […]

Your Journey on the Pill

Do You Know Your Pill? Trouble Sticking to Your Schedule? Ginger-U Is the App for You

For today’s women, staying on track with your birth control can be quite difficult. Let’s face it, the day moves fast, and taking your pill at the exact same time each and every day just might not be something that is possible for you. For that very reason, Ginger-U is here to serve as your comprehensive birth control app that does more than just remind you […]

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