About Ginger-U

Some things we have control over, like what we’re going to eat today, and some things we don’t, like whether or not the rain will ruin our day. Our bodies and our medications are something we can and should control. Ginger-U is developed with an understanding of how critical proper birth control medication adherence is for women of all ages. Too many unwanted pregnancies have occurred due to skipped pills, lack of birth control education (what to do if a pill is missed) or forgetting to order a refill in time. We get it; life is crazy! We have jobs, school, work, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and life in general to juggle, but we can’t forgo our sexual wellbeing. Ginger-U is helping women take authority over their bodies.

Why we decided to create our app​

Our product is born out of our life experiences. So many women have witnessed surprise pregnancies, whether it is first-hand or not. It can happen to anyone, even celebrities! We created this app for all women: our friends, family, community members, and strangers. We don’t want and don’t believe any woman should have to utter the sentence: “I’M ON THE PILL, HOW COULD IT HAPPEN?!”

This phenomenon of women getting pregnant while on the pill can be dwindled down to adherence. In most cases, the pill wasn’t effective because they had missed a pill, or two and didn’t know what to do next. We realized a lot of women are misinformed when it comes to birth control. Ginger-U is developed to be a solution-focused tool that women can count on.


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How much do you know about your pill? Do you know what to do when you miss a pill?
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